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If we work with a company, it's because we think what they do is great and we care about their business. We want our customers to succeed in all they do and we appreciate the opportunity to grow with them.

Fishing in the U.S.

Our first incubated business, a bootstrap model of an eat-your-own-dogfood company, partners with fishing guides, charters and resorts across the country to provide anglers the best fishing trips in the U.S. By partnering with fishing companies, Fishing in the US can offer a wide variety of fishing trips, from salmon fishing in Alaska to noodling here in southeast Tennessee.

We built this company around TourGuider, the software we use to manage vacations, payments and booking details, which is also available as a service to companies in the tour, travel and hospitality industry.

We've spent a lot of time perfecting Fishing in the US and our research shows no one else currently offers the same services to both anglers and fishing companies. If you're a fishing charter, guide or resort interested in booking more fishing trips, or an angler looking to book the fishing trip of a lifetime, visit www.fishingintheus.com or contact us today.

Fishing in the U.S. lives in the cloud and is powered by Ubuntu and TourGuider which uses Django and Postgresql, with Stripe handling credit card payments.

Perfect Pac, LP.

PerfectPac, Panoche Creek Packing's signature brand of premium Nonpareil almonds, is a product of a process which yields almonds with specifications stricter than the USDA EXTRA #1 rating. The decade old database and report system for the world's finest almonds on the market needed a dramatic overhaul in order to secure, maintain, upgrade and move existing business logic into the latest long term supported enterprise software.

Perfect Pac's software houses the nervous system for their plant operations. Any downtime of this system or any component could lead to costly and disasterous consequences. We first secured the system against potential data loss, next maintained and sped up parts of the old system, and then began rewriting 630,000+ lines of code into a leaner, modern and speedy system.

Our services included immediate maintenance and securement of their legacy system, database optimization and data migrations, concurrent operation and development of two systems, and moving the software into a modern, speedy cloud architecture.

Perfect Pac's system lives in the cloud and is powered by RHES and MySQL, with home brewed PHP5 components using zend and symfony, with some python and flask-peewee to manage their API.


Our colleagues, Tim Coy and Jonathan Williams, participated in prototyping an idea during Hacknooga 2014. Soon after receiving much positive feedback, devLearn was jump started with a grant from the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund.

The idea was to make learning how to code so easy anyone can do it, from elementary school students to the billions across the digital divide whom have never used a computer. Today, the mobile app brings this idea to life by breaking programming concepts into tiny pieces, each with a lesson, real-live example and quiz.

The quizzes re-enforce the learning process and make the application different from any other learn-to-code book or website. devLearn offers several types of quizzes, each teaching coding languages such as HTML through various techniques including code blocks that allow users to code quickly and easily.

Jonathan and Tim are currently piloting the application with Hamilton County Schools and expect a beta release in the coming months.

Follow them at blog.devlearnapp.com or say hello. Learn more about Mozilla's involvement in Chattanooga's gigabit ecosystem, click here.

devLearn runs on your phone or tablet and is powered by Appcelerator Cloud Services.

Outland Expeditions

For over 30 years, owner Lamar Davis of Outland Expeditions and his team have offered amazing whitewater rafting experiences on the Ocoee. Since 2003, we've been working with Lamar on projects that include design, hosting, web application development, branding, search engine optimization and marketing. We've also enjoyed a riverside brew and some hardcore paddling along the way.

The Ocoee River is one of the most popular whitewater rivers in the world, hosting more than 20 outfitters and hundreds of rafters each day. Governed by TVA, Ocoee River is divided into 3 sections, each offering unique white water, but only on specific days and at certain times.

With tremendous traffic and a rigid water flow schedule, coordinating rafting trips is critical to outfitter success. When Lamar told us he wanted to increase his online sales, we knew the booking process had to be clear and concise.

To ensure online booking is always a cinch for both Outland Expeditions and their customers, we've crafted a simple booking form that allows rafters to select their preferred section of Ocoee River, then select their trip date and time.

Outland Expeditions' trip sales increased approximately 10% less than two months after launch... only half-way through the peak season. Experience Ocoee River with Outland Expeditions using our booking form today!

Outland Expeditions online booking services uses Django for trip management and Stripe for handling credit card payments.

SimCenter Enterprises, Inc.

Our work with SimCenter Enterprises, Inc. led to the development of a solution no one else in the world has to offer for predicting and displaying toxic denser-than-air chemical releases. SimCenter Enterprises had a tight schedule to prototype, develop, market and scale their idea. We were instrumental in providing the tools they needed to secure shareholder commitment and customer interest. Our services include architecture and design, team development and best practices in software engineering, marketing, website design and general consulting.

For this project, we shared our expertise and direction on how to incrementally develop a system with a small team. We assisted with training and direction on how to conduct standups, sprints, customer, feature and test driven development, retrospectives and pair programming. During each increment we assisted in making decisions on which frameworks and processes to use while building out the application. We made their product scalable, mobile friendly, easy to use with native mobile apps through an API, responsive and modern.

Together, we brought their idea from inception to launch and love working with their world-class team of computational engineers. Check out their product at www.timezeromap.org.

Time Zero Map lives in the cloud and is powered by Ubuntu, with Django, Postgresql, Tastypie, Backbone and Google Maps.

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